My Approach

My Approach

Inner revelations and self-understanding are all well and good, but it’s your ability to translate those into new outward actions and ways of being that will make a true difference. I help people access clear decision-making, trust and meaningful change.

My clients can expect me to:

  • Create a safe, warm environment for our work together
  • Demonstrate empathy, passion, creativity, and full presence
  • Provide a roadmap for transition
  • Attend to their unique needs with tools and exercises designed to create powerful shifts
  • Pace the work so there’s no rushing or pressure, but rather a flow that fits where they are in the process
  • Introduce personalized skills for centering and grounding, i.e. “energy management”
  • Create a process that inspires, supports and motivates
  • Honor their vision and hold it as the guiding light for all we do
Reaching for your dreams is not a one-sided endeavor. When you get clear about what you want, and it’s aligned with who you are and what you believe in, your heart’s desire gets activated in a powerful way. When you step toward it, it responds in kind by stepping toward you as well.

I have a range of tools that I tailor to the unique needs of each client, so no two client processes are ever the same. But, there are core elements of my work that are similar for nearly everyone. These include:

  • Clarifying the vision you hold
  • Transforming any false, limiting stories you may have about yourself
  • Hearing and following true guidance from your inner voice
  • Assessing the feasibility of your goals
  • Developing concrete action steps
  • Building upon your specific gifts and strengths
  • Bringing inspiration and motivation into your life
  • Providing a framework for you to get the most out of your vision’s momentum
  • Helping you recognize positive evidence of success
  • Imparting skills for you to become your own coach through this transition and beyond