Life Coaching Program

Life Coaching Program

home-doorknob“One of my greatest joys in life is meeting people at the very moment when they decide to fully inhabit their lives.”

What if three months from now, it wasn’t just three months from now, but instead, it was the start of a new way of living?

What Is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a unique relationship unlike other helping relationships you may be familiar with. Coaching is a process of partnering together to clarify and manifest a specific change you want to make or a goal you want to achieve. Some of these may be concrete like a career transition or finding ways to live a dream you’ve always had. Others are more about “ways of being” — learning tools to become more centered, make decisions more clearly, and manage your energy in skilled ways that decrease stress and worry.

I encourage anyone who is interested in life coaching to try out different coaches. Shop around, just as you would for a family doctor or a therapist. To find out more about the beliefs that frame my work and my particular way of coaching, please read about my approach.

Individual Coaching Program

The program begins with a Ready, Set, Manifest! consultation session. You’ll take the RSM Checklist to assess where you are in the process of transition and where you want to be. Then, in the 60-minute session, you’ll receive four tasks that are key to moving forward from where you are. We’ll identify what you need to accomplish the tasks as you begin the coaching process.

Then, we’ll work to clarify your vision and define outcomes for the coaching program. You’ll have weekly tasks that will include both inner work and concrete outward actions. The structure and pace of sessions are designed to create forward movement and maintain the momentum you need.

“Integration” Work

Our sessions are only one hour out of your week. While there can be meaningful shifts during that time, it is your ability to apply what you’re learning to your daily life that will manifest the greatest change. Within our sessions, we’ll identify “inspired actions” and next steps for you to take that will help you integrate what we’ve discussed. This may be in the form of journaling exercises, body awareness techniques, testing out new ways of communicating and expressing yourself, paying attention to how you feel and behave in certain situations, and visualization exercises. You’ll also define concrete actions that move you closer to your desires. None of this should feel like drudgery. It will often be challenging, but I will always do my best to assure that the work will be aligned with your goals.

What You’ll Receive:

  • The Ready, Set, Manifest! Handbook in both hard copy and e-version formats.
  • Six 45-60 minute sessions via phone, Skype, or in person at my Bellevue, WA office. (Two sessions per month for three months. The Ready, Set, Manifest! session is the first session in the program.)
  • Email reminders between sessions about the next steps we discussed and key points to keep in mind as you move forward.
  • Personal Toolkit: a pdf file with blank copies of the tools, worksheets, and exercises used during the course of your program, and a file with all your Next Steps Nudges.
  • A 30-minute phone session 2-4 weeks after completion of the program to review progress and provide support

Coaching for Success: My Money Back Guarantee

I’m here to coach you toward your personal success. You’ll determine what success means to you at the beginning, and together we’ll track how you’re doing. Typically, clients make foundational shifts within the first month. Ensuring that you experience positive results is my priority each and every time we meet. However, if at the end of the first month you’re not satisfied for any reason, we will cancel the program and I’ll give you a full refund.

Program Fee:

$1,095 pre-payment or monthly billing of $400 for a total of $1,200. The fee includes all the package components listed above plus my preparation time prior to each session to research and gather individually tailored resources, exercises, and other tools needed for our meetings. Please note that because Life Coaching isn’t a mental health service, insurance doesn’t cover coaching sessions.

Contact me to get started with your initial session. In that session, we’ll both be assessing whether we’re a good fit for each other. Currently, I’m accepting a maximum of five people into my Life Coaching Program at any given time.
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