Read, Listen, Practice

Read, Listen, Practice


Ready, Set, Manifest™ Handbook by Debbie Lacy

RSM-coverThe Ready, Set, Manifest!™ Handbook  has structured teachings and exercises you can use time and again to navigate major decisions and transitions.

• Create focus no matter what phase you’re in

• Experience less stress about being stuck or falling behind

• Build confidence in your decisions and action steps

The handbook comes with access to the online Ready, Set, Manifest!™ resource page, where you can download the worksheets, ask questions, and get more information.

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What Is Coaching, and Do You Need It?

Getting to What You Want

Energy Management for Caretakers

A Few Words About Self-Sabotage

Inner Solstice: Is It Time for a Turning Point?

Money Fears: Five Steps to Mastery

Does Your Money Need a New Job?
(Published in Whole Living Magazine, Sep. 2011)




Guided visualizations can be a great tool to help you connect with yourself and gain more clarity. Using an open-ended structure and questions, listeners are given the space needed to access helpful information.

TW-coverFree download from the CD:

“Inspiration” (16:15/mp3) is a set of three visualizations
from my Touchstone Within CD:

• Answering the Call
• Inside Spirit
• Heart’s Desire



Journaling Pages

Here are free journaling pages and exercises for reflection to support your practice of tuning into yourself and what you most need at this time in your life.

Spring: Blossoms or Blahs?
Dear Summer…
Autumn: Harvest and Plant
Year End Reflections and Welcomings

To Connect With Who You Are and What You Want
At This Time
Sacred Contract
The Year Ahead
Journaling and Art Prompts (used in my Inspired Women groups)

To Feel Good
Gratitude: Be Astonished
The Universe Smiles
Your Playful, Creative Self

Please Note: Journaling pages are intended for your personal use only. Distribution, posting, or transmission for any other purpose is not permitted without the written consent of Debbie Lacy.