Ready, Set, Manifest™ Session

RSM Session


The Ready, Set, Manifest session is designed for people in transition.

Perhaps you’re questioning your career path, a relationship, or other important life issue. I’ll introduce you to my roadmap for times of transition. You’ll take a short assessment to determine which phase you’re in, and I’ll review specific tasks that will offer you the most support and momentum.

Feeling stuck? Don’t risk a “lateral” move when what’s really required is a leap. The “Ready” phase is the most powerful stage of transition and most people aren’t aware of how to partner with it for the best results. I’ll show you how to manage the uncertainty and discomfort so you can get to the real work of this phase.

Starting to take steps? You’re likely in the “Set,” phase which is as much about mindset as it is about concrete outward actions. I’ll help you remain strategic and intentional during this important phase where you begin to create what you want.

Are you looking ahead to the next summit? Perhaps you’re in the “Manifest” phase, creating something you’ve always wanted. Congratulations! Now is a great time to pause and appreciate all you’ve done and all you’ve received. It’s also a time to “expand your container” and ensure you’re fully open to all the good that’s coming your way as you eye your next goal. I enjoy helping people sustain and maximize their accomplishments in a way that feels grounded and joyful.

One week following the session, you’ll receive an email check in to support your next steps. Session fee: $145.

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