Storytelling For Change

Storytelling For Change


Are you ready to share your story?

Everyone has a story to tell that can make a difference to others. You need not be a professional speaker (or even comfortable with the idea of public speaking!) to be incredibly effective as a storyteller.

I coach people to prepare for live events in professional and personal settings:

  • Nonprofit fundraisers
  • Community meetings
  • Keynote speeches
  • Panel presentations
  • Eulogies
  • Wedding speeches

Whether your intent is to pass on cultural/family history, deliver an important message, or inspire others, I’ll teach you how to make the most impact so you can tell your story confidently and effectively.

  • Get clear about your intention for sharing your story.
  • Identify the story components that best align with your intention.
  • Keep your story concise and to the point.
  • Construct your story with a compelling beginning, middle, and end.
  • Connect emotionally to your story while not getting overwhelmed by your emotions during the event.
  • Create a “bridge” as you speak that draws the listeners toward you.
  • Learn how to create a balance between vulnerability and confidence. (You need both!)
  • Manage your nerves before, and during, your storytelling event.


Storytelling for Change Services

Free Consultation: Contact me for a 30-minute phone call to assess your needs and make recommendations for some/all of the following preparation services:

  • Worksheets to help you construct the story
  • Email reviews of your draft story ideas
  • In person, phone or Skype coaching sessions (45-60 minutes)
  • Rehearsal feedback
  • Support on the day of your event (in person *, phone, or Skype)
  • A debriefing session to review what went well and what could be improved upon for next time


If you decide to hire me after the free consultation, the basic Storytelling Coaching package includes worksheets, 1-2 email reviews of your draft story, two sessions (coaching, rehearsal, day of support, or debriefing session). The cost is $379. (Nonprofit discounts available for organizations that want coaching for 2 or more storytellers.) Beyond the package components, you may add services as needed:

  • Email feedback/reviews: $45 each
  • Coaching sessions (in person, phone, or Skype): $135 each

*Please note if you want me to be present on the day of your event, I will do everything in my power to be available, but I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to attend.

Nonprofit Fundraisers

There are two critical speakers at most fundraising events: (1) someone who has been helped by the charity (a client or participant), and (2) the person doing the “ask” who encourages attendees to open their checkbooks and give what they can. I have attended many fundraisers and seen good and not-so-good speakers.What makes the difference?
It’s not how polished the speakers are; it’s how effective they are at connecting with the audience through heartfelt storytelling. Powerful storytelling can make all the difference in the amount of money raised.

Contact me for a free consultation about your upcoming event and find out how Storytelling for Change coaching can bring a significant return on investment, not to mention the time it saves your Development Department (if you have one). Most development staff don’t have the time, let alone the skills, to appropriately coach event speakers.

Because of my background as a clinical social worker and nonprofit manager, I bring the people skills required to work compassionately with your client speakers. I also know how to support Executive Directors and Board Members to tell stories that will make the most impact during the all-important “ask.”

I’m passionate about nonprofit work and love working with organizations to make the most of their fundraising events. I would be honored to work with you.